Where Jazz moves the soul

"Jazz for me is a way of life, independence, and speaking your voice...”

These are the words a special person once told me.

I've learned from him that Jazz is the most natural expression of the soul. It unites the hearts of so many different people – intellectuals, youth, and even elderly couples. It breaks the rules and leaves you wondering about unexplainable things. For example: the purpose of our existence in space.

Jazz has come a long way from America, and put its roots deeply into my hometown of Tbilisi as well. In a city so small, but so interesting, one can find many musical events and concerts, including jazz sessions and open mic nights. So if you’re a tourist, include a visit to the Movement Theater on your ‘must-see’ list.

Why Movement Theater? Because its atmosphere is extraordinary. Every play will leave you breathless, and every person you meet there will be your once in a lifetime discovery!

The Movement Theatre was founded by Kakha Bakuradze. At first it was a small outdoor theater. He made the building on his own, by himself. His dream was to build a place where true, unknown artists could spread their wings. Even the story of its founding is inspiring. Isn’t it?

Now let’s go a bit further. A few years ago, I was sure that the future belonged to the passionate youth only. The ones eager to raise awareness in all forms of art in a humble society like ours. But I changed my views as soon as I got to know Rezo Kiknadze. I learned that the collision of the old and new generations in art is something very powerful. Because it is a mix of two totally different things – things such as life experience, naked emotion, harmony and chaos. For example, when Rezo, the head of a Jazz quintet, plays a solo, the band members go silent. And I can tell from their facial expressions that it’s as if they are listening to God play the saxophone. To say it succinctly: they are united by Jazz.

As for the audience?

They feel as if they are part of a magical performance. I definitely did. It was as if I was there, in the moment, overcome by the melodies which came from another dimension!

So now you may want to ask the question: what makes these guys stand out? What makes them so special? My answer is simple: the love of music. The members of Rezo Kiknadze’s Quintet are the leading Jazz musicians in Tbilisi today. And the best part of this is that they improvise as well! Their free-spirited improvisation can be likened to capturing the movement of the wind. Or like sucking the marrow out of life.

So these three main things: Movement Theater, Rezo Kiknadze’s Quintet and Jazz!

Such a perfect combination for enjoying life! Do check them out if you have the opportunity.

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