The Evolution of the Woman

Women have experienced a lot of violence, humiliation and inequality throughout history. Men have made them housewives and forced them into marriage. Women have endured slavery, forced prostitution, and were unable to vote, have a job or get an education.

However, some of the world’s greatest women like Sappho, Mary Magdalene, Mother Teresa, Coco Chanel, Margaret Thatcher, Anne Frank and others fought against this. They all spoke their minds against this kind of stereotypical, unhealthy way of thinking. They reached out to other woman all around the world, telling them that they are not alone… Telling them that women are humans as well, and can strive for a desirable, fulfilling life – just like men. They all led revolutionary lives, which eventually gave other women hope. They saw themselves in those powerful, fearless women and therefore believed the injustice would soon be over.

And so it was over, in the 19th century, when the Declaration of Human Rights was made, including the rights of women. Woman began to leave their comfort zones that were created by male-dominated societies, and aim for higher goals and reach bigger summits. These women have left their mark in politics, art and science.

Nowadays, there are billions of successful women leaders; women who own giant companies, who dedicate their time to their career, who enjoy their work… They all have one thing in common: passion.

There are also billions of women who chose family over their career. The ones who take care of kids, do the house cleaning, cooking and laundry… They all have one thing in common: Love.

Both choices are acceptable of course, if you are given the freedom to make one. But what if you are not?

Let’s take a look at a current situation in Georgia.

What is it like to be a woman here?

Many women probably struggle with the same things mentioned above: domestic violence, psychological pressure or simple everyday discrimination. Why? Because they were BORN as women.

To solve this problem, we must analyze them from a different, more argumentative perspective.

For example in religion – Eve was created from Adam’s body. She was supposed to be his helper and had to lessen Adam’s pain of solitude. I don’t think God had this in mind during the creation of two separate genders. First of all because he loves every human being on the same level. Secondly, he dwells in us, and therefore we are equal in owning him. Not to mention, there is also a theory which proves that humans ARE gods themselves.

From a psychological perspective, man and woman are different of course. Their physiology (anatomy) may differ, but they both share the same spiritual needs – the need to love and to be loved for example. So, on a scale of body and soul, a soul matters more. Therefore a woman’s brain can have as many worthwhile ideas and thoughts as a man can. The only factor which makes a woman less capable of being dominant in life, is her biological fate (becoming a mother). But in the 21st century this as well has changed. Woman can now be good mothers and be successful at the same time. So just like Bob Dylan says: “The times they are changin’, and they are changin’ for better…”

As far as my personal experiences? Well my girlfriends and I are often victims of dependency and moral abuse. For example, I could not go hitchhiking because of my traditional family. My friend Tako cannot stay the night at her boyfriend’s place. Another friend Elene, is psychologically bullied because she does not have the perfection of a model. So the way out of all these situations is to raise awareness within society. Families should raise children as independent individuals. They eventually will grow-up as respectable adults and gender will no longer be a problematic subject.


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