The 5 types of guys you'll meet in Georgia

Just like in any other country, the people that live in Georgia are diverse. Georgians come from a variety of cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, and possess a range of ideals and values. This applies to men as well. So without further ado, here is an unofficial, light-hearted guide to the various types of men you might stumble across as a tourist or in your love life.

Dzveli bichi

The dzveli bichi or literally (old boy) is a species of man that has lived a somewhat darker existence. At one time, the dzveli bichi could steal and kill in order to survive. But this was mostly during the turbulent 1990s, when Georgia was a chaotic and mostly lawless jungle. Nowadays, these boys sit on street corners, or park benches, smoking, eating Semichka (sunflower seeds), and talking about anything that comes to mind. One of the most popular words they use is ‘shechema’, which means - my brother. There can be many subgroups of dzveli bichebi on one street, and every one of them tries to prove to the world that they are the most powerful. These guys are in a separate world. You can come across them in every district. If you are a tourist and see a group of boys dressed in black and talking in a loud voice, you can be pretty certain that they are dzveli bichebi. They like to imagine that they “own” the streets of Tbilisi. When in doubt, just follow the trail of sunflower seed shells that often litter the ground where they have been.

When it comes to dating, they only choose girls that they truly love. They mostly like ‘chicks’ – girls who are sexy. They are frequently involved in garchevebi, a kind of conflict between two households, similar to Romeo and Juliet. But in a contemporary context, these mini-trials occur because the girl’s family does not approve of her marriage - usually because the dzveli bichi doesn’t really have any money. So it turns out that love is never enough for these type of people.


The vazhkaci, which in English basically means ‘man’, is generally the complete opposite of the dzveli bichi. He is decent, loyal and true to his values and beliefs, and leads the right path in life. In addition to all of these great characteristics, the vazhkaci may be very handsome as well. After all, as the Greeks used to say: a beautiful body contains a beautiful soul… Dating a vazhkaci feels good, because they provide manly protection and simple joy. They are mostly attracted to decent girls – the kind that are caring and uncomplicated… those who have faith in God and respect their family – the type of girls that are both pretty and wise at the same time.


Babulikebi are a class of guy who often drives expensive cars (usually a black Mercedes), has a lot of money, dresses in Gucci, and dates a million girls at once. He thinks he is witty, but in fact, he is just trying to act cool. Some girls adore dating this kind of guy, because they can take them to clubs and get them in for free. A babulika is the kind of guy who will buy a girl a brand-new dress and then show off… So girls love them.


Hipsters are everywhere. They are universal. But the Georgian hipster is slightly unique. He is someone who does not care about the opinions of society. He lives a care-free life. These guys are mostly wild teenagers (aged 16-19). You can spot a hipster in a crowd by their colorful clothes and weirdly done hair. They also date hipster girls. Together they make up Georgia's revolutionary youth. Some hipsters have their own ideology or have a love for a certain philosophy – Dadaism for example.

Art boys

So, what are the main characteristics of an Art boy? Well, they are mostly painters or are into fashion. They go to every exhibition and are dressed in a way that makes them stand-out. For example, they may have colorful hair, earrings, or wear t-shirts with quotes printed on them. One thing is for sure, they all have an extraordinary knowledge of contemporary art.

So what is the number one thing that you as a girl have to consider when approaching a handsome art guy? APPEARANCE! Someone may think this is stupid, because love is all about the union of souls. But for these guys, first impressions last a lifetime! They have very sophisticated taste and are highly sensitive to aesthetics. So if they see a girl who is as different as they are, they immediately think: oh, she must be interesting, let’s get to know her better.

For example, in an interview with Luka, who is a model, I found out that he tries to break existing clichés and the monotonous behavioral rules. Therefore he creates his own way of living, which makes him happy. He believes that if humans have faith in themselves, they can conquer the summits of success! As for his way of thinking? Interest and curiosity played a huge role in its formation. He learned everything to its core and argued with others with strong arguments. His style is mood. He is not attracted to mannequins, but rather individuality.

He lives by the words of Coco Chanel: Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be. When it comes to dating, Luka becomes uncomplicated and open. He loves listening and falling in love, while drinking a cup of tea with a special someone. And thinks that a drop of romanticism is necessary. He loves brunette, deep thinker girls, and interprets talent as true beauty.


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