Special crosswalk created in Didube to address road safety

Anyone who has spent any amount of time in Georgia – especially Tbilisi – knows that getting around the city on foot is no small task. This is largely due to the fact that Tbilisi’s patrol police are essentially useless when it comes to enforcing traffic laws. Cars routinely travel at dangerous speeds, and have little if any regard for the safety of others on the road – including pedestrians.

However, despite the ambivalence of city officials to address the issue, there are some within the community that are taking action to address the situation. As a result, a much-needed initiative has been undertaken.

According to the online news portal Agenda.ge, illuminated pedestrian crossings (zebra crossings), are starting to pop-up around the city in an effort to draw attention to road safety. The first one of its kind was established in the Didube district.

“Proper visibility during night hours is very important in terms of road safety. If pedestrians wear dark colored clothing, it is very difficult for drivers to notice someone crossing the road,” said Eka Laliashvili, who works for the Georgian Alliance for Safe Roads. “Illuminated crosswalks will help drivers to better spot (and ne aware of) pedestrians,” she added.

The idea to create a special illuminated crosswalk came from head of the Transport Municipality Service of Tbilisi City Hall Mamuka Mumladze.

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