Speakers to discuss surge in Georgian tourism

Tuesday, February 21 will mark International Tourist Guide Day. This day provides an excellent backdrop to bring together some of the best guides and the founders of guided tours in Georgia. For several consecutive years, Georgia’s popularity as a tourist destination has grown, averaging nearly 7 percent growth each of the last few years. The country's increasing popularity is pushing it closer and closer to a point of critical tourism mass.

So, next Tuesday, a stimulating discussion is being held at Tbilisi’s Impact Hub, which is located inside the new Fabrika complex. The speaking event is entitled ‘Thematic Tours Against Triviality’ and will feature an interesting panel of speakers who will discuss a range of engaging topics and risks associated with too much tourism. Things such as how to maintain and preserve the country’s local feel and authenticity, as well as how to reveal the genuine, real aspects behind the basic sightseeing points in the country.

Speakers include:

- Helene Veilleux and Maurice Wolf, founders of ‘Brutal Tours’ 
- Paul Rimple, a journalist for Culinary Backstreets Tbilisi 
- Tatiana Remneva, founder of ‘Miracle Tbilisi'

The event is open to the public, but seating is limited. The organizers of the event request that all interested parties register. You can register here.

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