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Новейшая спортивная информация. Эксклюзивные и главные новости из мира спорта. Обновляющаяся каждый час информация, прямые включения, интервью и репортажи о спортивных событиях в Грузии и в мире.

   Open Mic Art

Open-Mic Art is dedicated to Georgia’s music scene. Every Saturday and Sunday the show offers listeners a chance to express themselves, and discuss the problematic issues they feel are important today, as well as engage with the prominent personalities that comprise Georgia’s burgeoning arts and music community.

   Morning for You

Stay current with the latest news pertaining to culture, sports, healthy lifestyle and the day’s weather.

First and only this kind Hosts of radio SHOKOLADI, LIFE FM and JAKO FM also offer daily astrological forecasts, travel, culinary and beauty tips, and interesting fun facts about the world, Chinese business reports and currency exchange rates.

Every day from 08:00 to 11:00.

FM 90.8, FM 96.3, FM 98.5.

Start your day right with Morning for You.

   Open Mic Sport

Open-Mic Sports is Georgia’s first sports radio talk show. Program regularly hosts interesting guests from the Georgian sports scene, and provides listeners with engaging discussions about the latest matches and tournaments. Topics discussed include the current challenges and achievements in Georgian sports, the latest news and information surrounding Georgia’s national teams, and much more. Every working day, at 16:00, keep up to date with all the latest sports news and tune-in to Open-Mic Sports.

   Discover China

Discover China is the first and only program in Georgia dedicated to China. Listeners have the opportunity to receive comprehensive information about China, its history, culture, traditions, and cuisine, as well as stay abreast of the latest news pertaining to Chinese business. JAKO FM’s English and Chinese-speaking host every day at 12:00, present exclusive news and the latest information about China.

   Discover Georgia

Discover Georgia offers a wealth of information about Georgia and travel within the country. Every day, at 17:00, the hosts provide up-to date info regarding the most exciting events taking place in Georgia, as well as inform listeners about interesting tourist sites, offer travel advice and even tips on sampling the best Georgian cuisine. With the goal of attracting and promoting tourism in Georgia, Discover Georgia is an authoritative source for information on Georgia’s rich history, culture and traditions.

   Sports Legends

Hosted by legendary Georgian sports commentator and radio host Jamlet Khukhashvili, the program is dedicated to the legends of the world of sports, including Georgian sports personalities. Every Tuesday and Thursday, at 15:00, listeners have opportunity to find out interesting facts about legendary sportsman. 


Program is dedicated to famous people. Every Monday at 15:00, the audience can listen to interviews in the Russian language with local celebrities and athletes, submit questions and express their opinion.

   Drivers Advices

Every Friday, at 15:00, program provides advice to drivers, and offers listeners answers to questions about their car or about any other vehicles they are interested in. If you have a problem or question about your car, Drivers’ Advice and its expert guests will do their best to answer your questions.

   Music Diaries

This program is dedicated to the best in popular music. Every day, from 21:00 to 23:00, Music Diaries provides listeners with an unforgettable aural experience. Tune-in and get the story behind the music!