President and first lady join 'Buy Georgian' campaign

Grassroots initiatives that encourage people to ‘buy locally’ are nothing new, but such initiatives can be important tools in certain communities when it comes to helping local businesses. In today’s fully globalized world, it’s not uncommon for consumers to have a range of products from different countries at their fingertips: whether it’s food, appliances, cars, telecommunications, or clothing, we as consumers are often times swamped with options.

Here in Georgia, President Giorgi Margvelashvili and first lady Maka Chichua have embarked on an initiative that calls on Georgian society to make a concerted effort to ‘Buy Georgian’. According to an article published on, an online English language news portal, the two have joined a campaign that encourages society to choose Georgian products.

The general premise of the campaign is get people to think: whether buying a new jacket, or simply choosing between the many brands of rice on the shelves of the grocery store, read the label and make an effort to buy something made here in Georgia.     

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