Georgia: Wine, mountains, nature and body armor?

Georgia might be known for its unique wine, delicious cuisine, majestic mountains, breathtaking nature and seaside resorts, but there is more to Georgia than just beauty, culture and cuisine. The small country also has a knack for ingenuity, as evidenced by the fact that Delta, Georgia’s State Military Scientific-Technical Center, recently unveiled an entire line of body armor that was first employed in 2016 by the country’s Armed Forces who were on mission in Afghanistan, and then later during its time as peacekeepers in the Central African Republic.

According to an article in, “a version of this armor was developed by a team of Georgian students working closely with the Delta Center, but it is unclear whether or not the advancements from that experiment were utilized in this current iteration of the armor. The line of armor itself appeared to have come onto the market in 2014, but is only recently finding successful fielding among the Georgian Armed Forces.”

According to blog’s author, the articles pertaining to the body armor do not mention the exact specifications of the armor, aside from confirming that it meets NATO standards.

“It certainly incorporates a Kevlar insert, but the ballistic plate doesn’t appear to be steel, more likely it is along the lines of a U.S. Ceramic Level IV plate,” the article notes.

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