Cocktail Party to be held at Dog Organization Georgia

For those traveling or living in Georgia who love and can’t get enough of our four-legged friends, Dog Organization Georgia is holding a special event entitled Cocktails and Dogtails this Saturday, August 5. The event aims to celebrate the hard work that members of the DOG team have accomplished over the years and is open to anyone who just wants to stop by sip a cocktail and enjoy the company of animals.

"It's been a long time since our supporters had the chance to get together, so we would like to invite all of our volunteers, those who are working together with us on the TVNR program and anyone else who is interested in our work or volunteering to this special event at the shelter," noted D.O.G. directors Sara Anna Modzmanashvili-Kemecsie and Maite Iniesta. "This time we would not ask you to walk the dogs, groom them or help us in any other way, we would just like you to come enjoy a lovely summer evening together with other fellow dog lovers. Come drink, chat and have fun with the DOG team!"

Dog Organization Georgia was established in Tbilisi to help address the number of homeless dogs that fill the city's streets. The organization routinely takes dogs off the street, rehabilitates them, sterilizes them, and either finds 'forever homes' for them or releases them back onto the street in environments where they can thrive.

Photo: D.O.G. can accommodate just over 30 dogs at a time.

According to the organizers of the event, snacks and cocktails inspired by and named after a few prominent members of the shelter will be provided to guests. The event kicks off at 5 pm and runs until 10 pm. DOG organization Georgia is located on the edge of Lisi Lake. For more information or directions, you can visit their official Facebook page here

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